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Questions to Make You Think Twice About Performance Reviews

1) Do you think performance reviews are objective? If so, why do you think surveys show that more than half of employees get completely different reviews if they are rated by a second boss?

2) Do you believe performance reviews help or hurt teamwork? If you knew that only three people in your department could get a top ranking, would you be more or less inclined to help your colleagues succeed?

3) One of the most-popular types of reviews is the 360-degree review, where colleagues anonymously offer their view of your strengths and weaknesses. Do you think your colleagues are in a position to know what those are?

4) How important is it that employees speak honestly to bosses? How honest are you when you get a performance review? In giving a performance review, have you ever shaded the truth – perhaps out of concern for the other person’s feelings, or because you had your own agenda in what you wanted the employee to do?

5) How often has a boss told you what he or she thought about an issue, and then asked you what you thought about it? And how often did you feel the boss really wanted to know your answer?

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